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GOLF IS ART. Immagini e storie di sport

The exhibition-whose title takes up the words of Rudyard Kipling (“Why Golf is Art and Art is Golf / we have not far to seek…,” 1898)-proposes a surprising and refined path that, between art and literature, tourism and fashion, accompanies the visitor in the discovery of the imagery related to golf, its gestures, and its landscapes.

Through a selection of works granted by an important private collection, a gallery is composed of prints, drawings, posters and objects from the early modern age to contemporary times. From precious 17th-century engravings to the famous cartoons of Charles Crombie (The Rules of Golf Illustrated, 1905), from 19th-century graphics to the plates of the great illustrators of the 20th century, from fine ceramics and porcelain to the plates of Les Joies du sport, an edition that appeared in Paris in 1932, which among its many illustrations, by the artist Milivoj Uzelac, includes “Le Golf” with commentary by Henri Duvernois. An evocative selection of posters from the Salce Collection also documents the imagery that in the first half of the 20th century included golf in the most elegant itineraries of Italian and international tourism. Golf is Art. Images and Stories of Sport was conceived on the occasion of the 50th edition of the City of Pisa Cup, an important event organized by the historic Tirrenia Golf Club, and will be open to visitors during the period of the World University Golf Championships (July 20-23) organized by Cus Torino.

The exhibition is organized by the Museo della Grafica (Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa) under the patronage of CONI, Italian Golf Federation, Golf Club Tirrenia, Cus Torino, University of Pisa’s Center for Rehabilitation Medicine “Sport and Anatomy,” Cus Pisa, Accademia di Sant’Uberto (Turin), Club delle Balette (Jesi), Europeana, University of Pisa’s University Museum System, Terre di Pisa, and with the collaboration of the National Museum Collezione Salce of Treviso-Regional Museums Directorate of Veneto.



The exhibition, dedicated to the image and myth of Napoleon in modernity, presents prints, books, documents and videos creating an original and evocative journey between historical memory and imagination. Noteworthy are the splendid selection of medals and prints, curated by Franca Maria Vanni and coming from the Medagliere Museum of Napoleonic Europe, the postcards (photo sculptures) made in the early 20th century by Domenico Mastroianni and the precious papers from the Paper Museum in Pescia.

The exhibition, which will continue with the section “Napoleon in Music,” curated by Alessandro Volpi, and “Napoleon in the Movies,” realized in collaboration with the Arsenal Cinema, is realized with the organizational support of the Athenaeum Museum System and with the patronage and collaboration of: Museo Medagliere dell’Europa Napoleonica, Fondazione Livorno Arte e Cultura, Fondazione Umberto Mastroianni, Cinema Arsenale, Museo della Carta di Pescia.



Following the celebrations of Dante’s seventh centenary, the Museo della Grafica at Palazzo Lanfranchi in Pisa presents the exhibitions Il Trittico del Centenario, Una Commedia Divina, and L’Inferno di Claudio Sacchi. Three exhibitions to compose an evocative journey dedicated to Dante’s poem, revisited through books, paintings, graphic works and multimedia products that document its fortunes in different historical moments and up to contemporary times.

Il Trittico del Centenario. Leonardo 1919 Raffaello 1920 Dante 1921, curated by Roberto Antonelli, Virginia Lapenta and Guicciardo Sassoli de’ Bianchi Strozzi, which has already been installed in the Villa Farnesina in Rome, offers a survey of the taste and aesthetics that presided in the early postwar period over the celebrations of the centenaries of Leonardo (1919), Raphael (1920) and Dante (1921).

Una Commedia Divina presents editions of Dante’s poem and other bibliographic treasures from the University Library of Pisa and the Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore.

L’Inferno di Claudio Sacchi, created in collaboration with publisher Daniele Olschki and already set up in Florence at the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno, presents a series of paintings made by Claudio Sacchi, the Pesaro artist among the most influential interpreters of contemporary figuration, inspired by some of the cantos of the Inferno.

The exhibitions are produced by the Museo della Grafica (Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa) with the collaboration of: University Library of Pisa, Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Sistema Museale di Ateneo, Villa Farnesina-Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.


MITOGRAFIE E ALTRE FAVOLE. Le stampe di Renzo Galardini

The exhibition presents the entire body of engravings and lithographs by one of Pisa’s most original and refined artists. A fantastical journey will accompany the visitor to discover a visionary world, nourished by highly cultured quotations that are interwoven with absolute technical mastery and rare expressive finesse with suggestions of fairy-tale and folk tone.